Experience is key to our success

We believe our job as venture capitalists is to magnify the creative power of entrepreneurs by providing professional guidance, relationships, education and resources essential to their success. Reliability and innovation are the main features that provide different industrial services for
different business spheres. We however always ensure high quality service for desired results

Capital Ventures

Strategy. Innovation. Investment.

We believe in investing in the future. OPSL Captial Ventures was created to do just that. We work to build extraordinary companies and we take a hands-on approach from the very beginning, partnering with talented entrepreneurs to transform their vision into reality. OPSL Capital Ventures is a service company that invests primarily in Agriculture, Transport & Real Estate.

Human Capital

Professional. Competitive. Competent.

Our Human Capital expertise extends to services such as personnel, procurement, recruitment, training and management to the Oil & Gas industry. Our market leadership strategy is built on a commitment to our company values, people, knowledge and respect for innovation.

Our History

OPSL was incorporated in August 2009 to provide specialist personnel management and capital venture services to its clients for growth and success

Our Focus

OPSL has grown to focus on various specialized services in different sectors which range from capital funding, personnel management, procurement and logistics

Our Vision

To deliver on a brand promise built on the foundation of professionalism, innovation and excellent service delivery, in order to generate lasting value for all our stakeholders

Clients Work With Us

The best way forward is taking the right steps

We understand what it takes for a company to succeed. We work side by side with entrepreneurs & companies
to help with business registration, office set up, recruiting, business development, partnering – whatever it takes.